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What Is Last Mile Delivery?

GetSwift’s Last Mile Delivery Management Software Unifies Your Whole Delivery Process

How Last Mile Delivery Creates a Seamless Customer Experience

The growing demand for fully integrated, multi-channel eCommerce and other types of distribution and delivery services for businesses has managers and owners who are seriously focused on growth thinking carefully about optimizing last mile delivery. With the right tools, businesses are able to operate significantly more efficiently, significantly increase their revenues, and run a more integrated business in a significantly more scalable way.

Whether you represent a small business or a large enterprise, the complexity that comes with integrating eCommerce, POS, fleet management, and other essential business management components can make streamlined operations seem impossible. It’s as if you have on the one side the delivery management aspect of the business, and on the other side purchase management, payroll, business intelligence, and so on. Bringing these fragmented aspects of your business together makes managing the business as one core entity instead of a number of related but independent subsectors simpler for management and better for customers.

Customers expect reliable, fast deliveries when they order a product — both in B2B and B2C situations. However, fast deliveries on their own aren’t all you need to grow your business as a seamless whole; it’s only part of the picture for successfully scaling your business through a robust, fully operational delivery operation. From real-time tracking, route management, and data for internal and customer use, GetSwift unifies the entire delivery management process together with the rest of your business. If you are interested in conquering the chaos of delivery management, including tracking, data analytics, dispacting, routing, and more, as well as seamlessly integrating those aspects at-scale with the rest of your business operations, try our cloud-based platform for free today.

Last Mile Delivery Is All About Fulfilling Customer Orders in a Timely Fashion

Increase Delivery Times

Delight Customers

Automatic Dispatching, Driver Tracking & Customer Data

Whole Operation Efficiency Optimization

What Are Customers Looking For in Last Mile Delivery?

  • Fast deliveries
  • Precise order tracking
  • Convenience
  • Specialized Service
  • Security/Insurance

Where Can Your Business Improve With Last Mile Delivery?

  • Cost
  • Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Reducing Any Damages

Achieve these improvements and give your customers what they are looking for with quality last mile delivery services.

5 Key Steps of The Last Mile Delivery Process

Critical among the delivery stages of delivery, and the stage where GetSwift really shines, is with last mile delivery. As a product goes on it’s journey from warehouse shelf to the back of a shipping truck to a customer’s doorstep, last mile delivery is that stage in the process right before it reaches the client; the stage of final distribution. This step is most critical for achieving customer satisfaction with the shipping process, but is also the most time-consuming and expensive part as well. 5 key factors for achieving a superior last mile delivery process are:

  1. Centralized tracking — Easy-to-use, streamlined order management is essential. Without it, the likelihood of orders being lost or fulfilled inaccurately increase quickly.
  2. From the factory/warehouse to the transport hub — Getting products as quickly as possible to the transport hub means your business is prepared to continue providing fast, reliable deliveries even when customer demand starts increasing rapidly.
  3. Individualized driver management — From route management to driver tracking, strategically sorting and designating what parcels go on what vehicles, when, how, and all the questions in between are essential for achieving an optimized, cost-effective last mile logistics solution.
  4. Real-time tracking — The orders are scanned each step of the way during shipping, providing you and the customers real-time information about where the package is and reduces the risk of it getting lost along the way.
  5. Delivery — The process is not complete until the delivery gets safely in the hands of the customer. Once the delivery is completed, the delivery personnel can update their tracking information and provide proof that the delivery has been obtained by the customer.

While providing customers with an efficient last mile delivery process is crucial for keeping them happy, it also happens to be the most time-consuming and expensive part of shipping. Since customers can usually find an alternative business to buy from if shipping prices are too high, it’s critical to keep prices low. How do you keep prices low? One key way is to keep costs low.

That all comes down to optimizing last mile delivery. Significant savings can be achieved when following best practices for last mile logistics. One easy way to dramatically improve your business’s last mile delivery services is with the simple yet powerful delivery management software from GetSwift. Learn how our software can help rapidly increase last mile logistic efficiencies and help increase your revenues. Today!

How GetSwift Last Mile Delivery Management Software Helps Your Business

GetSwift last mile delivery management software gives you the power to perfect your last mile delivery process. Our last mile delivery solution can help optimize your delivery process on a number of different vectors:

  • Route planning/optimization to reduce delivery times
  • Automatic dispatching to minimize labor costs
  • Proof of delivery increases transparency
  • Real-time driver tracking for more increased accountability
  • Fleet management software included with GetSwift at no extra charge
  • Payment tracking with our advance payment management technology
  • Data and business intelligence metrics help you analyze where you can improve efficiencies most
  • Scheduling and payroll management tools, most significantly Scheduling+, allow you to easily manage all aspects of scheduling and payroll for your fleet

And much more!

Your Success Is Our Success.


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