Real-Time Driver Tracking

Deliver with amazing accuracy.

Introducing the delivery management software that gives you a clear view of every job and driver to keep your operation smooth and accurate.

Spending too much time scheduling, dispatching, and tracking fleets?

With GetSwift’s platform, you not only start creating time for other tasks, but you drive your company’s growth.

 Clear, Simple, Accurate. 


Manage From One View

All of your retail locations can manage their own delivery operation from their own interface, while you get one centralized map to real-time track your fleets and monitor results—for every retail location.

Take The Best Route

Optimize your delivery routes with real-time information on road conditions to ensure efficient and responsive routing.

Save Customers Time

Give customers real-time vehicle tracking and smart alerts to help them better plan their days. And you have the flexibility to choose how much visibility customers get.

Empower Drivers with the GetSwift App

Drivers love seeing all their upcoming tasks at a glance. “It’s a very simple process. You can’t really complain about the little bit that you have to do,” said one happy driver.

Manage Exceptions

Get alerts whenever a delivery is late, and easily intervene to switch drivers, change routes, or notify a customer.

Reward your Couriers

View average driver ratings and route histories to get a better sense of who your best team members are. Also take advantage of our cash management feature to offer cash bonuses to your best workers.

Make it Secure

With our easy Proof of Delivery option, add security and accuracy to your deliveries by requiring your couriers to get a photo, a signature, or both.

Get It All Done

Our logistics software includes dispatch, optimized routing, courier fleets management, a driver app, & a whole lot more. Here’s the stack of features.

“GetSwift enabled us to cut a huge amount of costs and increase efficiencies and performance across the whole operation.”

–Los Angeles-based courier Best Deliveries

It’s got to be expensive, right?

No. It’s $0.29 per delivery.

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