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reduction of customer complaints


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Some common questions our customers ask

What is a “delivery”?

A delivery is the core unit of work that needs to be completed by your drivers. For example, moving of an item or person from A to B.

How does my free trial work?

There is no risk, no obligation, and no credit card required. Upon your initial sign up we pre-load your account with job credit. You will have sufficient credit in your account to trial our software and once that credit runs out you will be prompted upon log in to enter your payment info to continue using GetSwift.

Do I need to pay any setup fees?

No. There are no set up fees and you only pay if you process a delivery through your account.


What if I don’t do any deliveries in a month?

You only pay for what you use. If you don’t complete any deliveries after your free trial you will not be charged anything.

How do I pay for GetSwift?

After your free trial you will be prompted to add credit to your account. Every time you complete a delivery, the delivery fee will be deducted from your pre-loaded credit. The credit card you have put on file in your account settings will be processed for payment. You only pay for what you use.

Can I stop or cancel at anytime?

Yes you can. Simply don’t submit any more jobs through the system and you will not get charged.