GetSwift Overview

What is GetSwift?

The complete delivery management platform for all businesses to deliver fast, easy, and often.

Pay per delivery, stop any time.

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How GetSwift Works

Order Integration

  • Direct integration with your online ordering system or point of sale. Orders flow directly into our dashboard and are dispatched to the nearest driver, in real-time
  • Pre-Integrated with major POS and Online Ordering Platforms around the world
  • Build on top of our API to gain access to controls and make the most use of your data

GetSwift Dashboard

  • Your control center for your entire delivery operation. No more losing visibility. Cut costs and make data first decision making
  • Track all of your current (and future) orders in real-time, giving your dispatcher and fulfillment team a clear picture of your entire delivery operation
delivery routing dashboard
order dispatching

Order Dispatching & Routing

  • Utilize our multitude of dispatching methods, consisting of automatically dispatching your orders, based on distance, capacity, and many other flexible options that fit your business model
  • Our constantly improving routing algorithm evaluates and selects the most efficient route for your drivers to take, based on driver capacity and overall distance of the trip, to cut back on fuel costs and minimize delivery times

Driver App

  • Your drivers are all equipped with our driver app to help manage their daily orders, keep track of orders they completed, and provided with a customized personal account page
  • A driver’s main focus is to deliver each order in a timely manner so we optimize all their orders to ensure prompt delivery times while making the app very user friendly and condensed with all the information and resources they will need to complete each order
  • You can enable Proof of Delivery, which requires the driver to take a photo/signature at the time of delivery, which is then sent to the customer right after the order is completed

Customized Alerts

  • Customers should see your brand, not GetSwift. That’s why we handle your delivery operation entirely from the back end, keeping the customer experience completely white-labeled for them
  • No more “Where is my order?” phone calls, customers can receive live updates throughout the order, including a branded live tracking map that provides ETA updates via SMS, Email, or Webhooks
  • Issues during the delivery? No problem, you can provide customers with a proper line to contact that is automatically sent over to them

Business Intelligence Suite

  • All of your data is captured in our reporting suite, giving you broken down data across the board, which will help make data-first decisions the standard, to improve your delivery operation
  • Job reports including full details on every order, statistics for every location based on the day/week/month, and average delivery time reports
  • You can track your driver’s performance, based on the total number of orders completed, commissions and tips that applied, and distance reports


  • No more stressing about which drivers are available to work each day
  • Our Scheduling feature allows you to plan out your daily/weekly driver shifts and manage your payroll costs
  • Drivers can easily view their shifts right from their driver app

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Advanced Features To Help Improve

Your Delivery Operation:


  • No need to worry about orders being distributed efficiently. You can pool together stores and drivers to ensure nearby drivers are the first or only ones getting notified of incoming orders
  • Set order capacity limits per driver to minimize late orders
  • Operated for both on-demand and pre-scheduled delivery routes


  • Do you take cash payments as well? We got you covered
  • Utilize our digital cash register and track any cash payments, record a cash float and settle up at the end of a shift with your drivers
  • Drivers can manage and keep track of cash collected right from their driver app

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“The power of delivery is that with all the data, we can actually prove the results. When we get five minutes faster, we see more customers coming back, more often.”

— National Operations and Delivery Manager – Red Rooster

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