Our Story

In 2013 we were becoming sick of missing deliveries, we were sick of not knowing where our parcel was in real-time, we were sick of not being able plan our day around accepting an important parcel, we were sick of calling up the pizza shop asking where our delivery was. We were simply fed up about having little control over the delivery experience once we placed an order online. It could have been quite easy to complain and put up with it like everyone else did or actually make a change.

First we needed to understand how hard it was to deliver a good service, so we started a delivery company that delivered goods to customers on-demand in Australia. We wanted to experience what it was like being a delivery company, so we joined the dark side and began delivering alcohol (a product we knew quite well). Liquorun.com was created to initially help us understand the challenges around time sensitive urban logistics.

To help us with our real-time delivery operation, we built some software to to manage the whole delivery process which grew into multiple cities, in multiple countries with thousands of deliveries being processed each week. We were moving a lot of  food, liquor, groceries, clothing and flowers all to customers in the same city and who were expecting delivery in less than 60 minutes.

Our vision was to create a business where customers would tell their friends about how convenient our delivery service was. They would tell their family about how fast their delivery was. They would talk to their colleagues about how our delivery service was improving the way goods moved around a city. We continued to listen to our customers. We continued to work on improving the delivery management software. We created more systems. Refined our batching algorithms. Tracking parcels in real-time became more accurate. Estimated delivery window times became tighter as we collected more data and then gradually other merchants started to enquire about the technology we had developed. These business owners wanted to use our platform to manage their own delivery operation to improve their customer delivery experience.

In 2013, Liquorun.com was just an e-commerce website that delivered alcohol. At the time, this website was running from an incredibly robust backend dispatching software that we had built and refined for our own benefit and then we suddenly realised…what started out as a project to make the delivery user experience BETTER, became a mission to distribute our software to business owners around the world and have a global impact. So we created GetSwift. GetSwift helps merchants manage their delivery operation with efficiency which then enables a smarter delivery execution and in doing so significantly improves the whole user experience for the end receiver. Business owners are seeing increases in revenue, customer retention and referrals at incredible rates compared to their incumbent competitors.