In Loving Memory

Celebrating the life of Luke Kearney

Friend, co-worker and a wonderful person. Gone too soon. We dedicate this page to Luke Kearney and the light he brought into our lives.

Dedications & Memories

During his short time at GetSwift, Luke touched our hearts in so many ways. Browse just a handful of some great times and laughs we shared with Luke, inside and outside the office. We are lucky to have so many special memories of our dear colleague and friend.


The Luke Kearney Award

This is awarded to the employee that best exemplifies problem-solving ingenuity, professional poise, and a positive presence. Through this award, Luke’s spirit will continue to shine through the organization.

Luke was a curious and quick learner. He tackled some of our toughest challenges with grace and humbled confidence.
Monthly Award Winner List:
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(Dec-2021) Max Shamaev

“Max is a very knowledgeable developer.  He is extremely helpful in solving problems.  He is willing to take the extra time to solve the problem the right way.  He is also willing to take the extra time to explain the issue and resolution properly.   Thanks for being a great teammate Max!”

“Always available for emergency, great developer, big knowledge of product code”

“Max is a fundamental person on our development team.  His knowledge and attention to detail is unmatched.  He is always willing to take the time to explain his logic to help others understand.”

”He works hard and never complains.”

(Nov-2021) Muhammad Ejaz

“He is always being kind and helping for both professional and social way.”

“Ejaz is extremely knowledgeable and is solutions oriented.  He is always willing to go above and beyond.  Whenever we work on projects together, I have complete confidence it will be a success.”

“Ejaz is a great mentor and leader.”

(Oct-2021) Kim Cercone

“Kim is fun to work with and always brings great energy to each project!”

“Kim is awesome! She is a hard worker & I always feel comfortable whenever working with her.”

“She is the best!”

“Kim is always giving her best. She is taking care, not only of her team, but of clients, as well.”

“No matter what she is saddled with, she is always helpful, innovative and caring. Consistently a great person to work with.”

(Sept-2021) Martin Osmanovic

“Always there, day and night, for the feature to be finished in time. Always happy to answer his colleagues questions.”

“Awesome domain knowledge”

“Martin is always on top of things, ready to help and when he does he does it in a calm manner which makes him nice to work with.”

“He always thinks one step ahead, asks the right questions and because of him we will finally publish Vehicle Capacity.”

Tributes from the Team

From every formal meeting to the causal interactions, Luke always brought a positive energy to the environment. He worked exceptionally well with clients as well as cross-functionally within the company, leading to two promotions within short two years at GetSwift. His exceptional sense of humor, a passion for history, current events and silly movies always kept conversations engaging and left a smile on our faces. These are memories we will cherish.

“Luke brought such a radiant presence to the workplace. We often forgot how young he was because of his natural professionalism, ingenuity and quick wit. While it might have taken over a year to convince him to watch movies of the likes of Mean Girls, so he would finally understand our banter, he was often the point leader of our “laughs competition”. Luke was a very impressive person. He was a quick learner and tackled some of our toughest challenges with poise. I will miss you Luke.”
– Kim Cercone
“Luke had the best sense of humor – any friendly dig you threw at Luke, he took it with a smile and was quick to throw back a witty comeback that would make everyone laugh. Every weekend he managed to have the best weekend ever & put out support fires at the same time. I looked forward to our Monday meetings where I would hear about his wild adventures. He was a hard worker and always had such a positive attitude. I always forgot how young Luke was because of his maturity and of how much he had already accomplished. Luke is already so missed.”
– Pegeen Stone
“Luke was a great co-worker and overall just a great person to be around. He would always help keep the office lively and would always be willing to help out with questions. I enjoyed our conversations about work related matters, sports or sharing similar stories about commuting into the city and explaining why we were late. Having a dedicated co-worker is something that every team and company would love to have. You will definitely be missed.”
– Tommy Cooper
“Luke was an incredible colleague and friend. His ability to light up a room or even re-energize a conversation was unbelievable. We spent many a conversation discussing sports, the sporting bets we lost, and then the ones that were going to take us to the big league! I’ll forever remember him as a special person to not only the company but to me as my mate. Rest in peace brother.”
– Michael Knox
“No words to describe the feeling after someone as young as you leaves us, Luke. We remain humbled and touched by your time with us, grateful for each of the smiles we shared over the past two years. Thank you, mate, for being here for us. The Belgrade team will miss you.”
– Milos Nikolic/Tamara Milanovic
“While I didn’t work as closely with Luke as some of my co-workers, what I saw was a bright, young and aspiring person who always had a smile on his face! I also feel I was drawn to help create this dediction page to you Luke. May you rest in peace man.”
– Nick Jackson


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