GetSwift for Retail

Deliver more.
Work less.

GetSwift is the retail delivery management software that lets you manage delivery from all your retail locations easily, quickly, and intelligently.

Spending too much time scheduling, dispatching, and tracking fleets?

With GetSwift’s platform, you not only start creating time for other tasks, but you drive your company’s growth.

Delivery Logistics Software that’s a
Foundation For Your Growth

Bird’s Eye View

All of your retail locations can manage their own delivery operation from their own interface, while you get one centralized map to real-time track your fleets and monitor results—for every retail location.

Boost Capacity

As you grow, it’s not always easy to keep all your drivers and routes as accurate as they need to be. But with our software, you start to see the difference. Streamlined communication with drivers, routes that make more sense, and real-time tracking mean you can deliver more, more accurately, to happier customers.

Get More Customers

Save customers time and help them better plan their days. Provide predictive ETAs, real-time tracking, and smart alerts, along with white-labeled branding options and faster, more accurate delivery.

Empower Drivers with the GetSwift App

Drivers love seeing all their upcoming tasks at a glance. “It’s a very simple process. You can’t really complain about the little bit that you have to do,” said one happy driver.


Customize the GetSwift platform to your unique needs: adjust how you dispatch, route, and send alerts. Add your company’s branding. Reach out to us to help you tweak and improve a feature to meet your needs.

Analyze Data & Drive Growth

Download delivery data to see which products are most popular with which customers—and at what times—to start proactively suggesting orders. The possibilities of GetSwift’s data and delivery management tools are endless.

“GetSwift allows the dispatcher to handle much more.
  We were able to expand delivery capacity by 60% a day.”

-Vern McGregor

Branch Manager for New York & New Jersey, AllFasteners

It’s got to be expensive, right?

No. It’s $0.29 per delivery.

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