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GetSwift provides software for your business to deliver more orders, and do it faster and smarter.

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Food Delivery Software For:

Integrating Orders

Get all your orders sent to your new GetSwift platform in seconds, no matter where they come from.

Smarter Dispatching

Automatically dispatch or go manual whenever you like. Choose the settings that make the most sense for you, from limiting the dispatching radius to capping the number of tasks a handler can accept.

Powerful Routing

The GetSwift algorithm puts your handlers on the most efficient routes so you can slash delivery times, save fuel, and keep them efficient.

Real-Time Tracking

Improve accuracy with handler alerts and live tracking of jobs. Customer alerts and live ETAs reduce calls and complaints.

Customer Experience

Create your ideal customer experience by providing real-time tracking, predicative ETAs, white-labeled booking, proof of delivery, and quick ways for customers to give feedback.

Cash Management

Keep track of cash payments made to each handler and, at the end of a shift, cash out with handlers in a snap.

New & Improved Data

Get daily KPIs such as average delivery times, individual store data, and find out which deliveries took too long. Leverage that data with your team to create tests, make changes, and improve.

& Much More…

Deliver in Under 30

Discover how one of Australia’s biggest fast-food companies slashed their average delivery time to 26 minutes. 

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