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Dispatch Software for Delivery Businesses

Fleet management can be daunting for delivery companies. However, new technologies such as dispatch software can improve delivery services for both drivers and customers.

Dispatch software is software that automates the assigning of employees or vehicles to customers. GetSwift’s software solution has many benefits including automated dispatch and more to improve fleet management.

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Migrating to Dispatch Software

Dispatch Managers Have Much to Consider

Dispatch managers must do a careful analysis before deploying a fleet for dispatch services. They need to consider speed, size of the delivery, courier, mode of transportation, and more.

With so much to consider, manual management of dispatch services can be overwhelming. This often leads to inefficiencies in the delivery process. Migration to dispatch software to automate some or all of the process can significantly improve delivery fleet performance. GetSwift’s software keeps your entire fleet at your fingertips with an intuitive dispatching panel, including real-time traffic and route information.

Benefits of Dispatch Software

GetSwift’s dispatch software has myriad benefits:

  • Route optimization: Improve delivery routes and overall efficiency

  • Automated dispatching: Smart notifications and expanding proximity locates drivers who can quickly make deliveries

  • ETA prediction: Customers know when to expect deliveries

  • Live ETA updates: Customers know about changes in delivery times

  • Driver management: Dispatchers know the physical location of any driver in real-time

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: Manage performance versus historical and real-time data and also compare driver performance

  • Scalability: Accommodate an unlimited number of drivers and/or dispatchers

Manage Your Merchant Fleet with GetSwift

Using GetSwift’s fleet management solution, dispatching has never been easier. Effectively manage drivers and vehicles throughout the entire delivery process. Optimizing drivers’ routes leads to happier customers and business growth, and any thriving business needs to be scalable: Dispatch software brings your organization one step closer to achieving that goal.

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