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GetSwift’s Delivery Software

Receiving Orders

  • Delivery Businesses receive orders throughout the day, from various methods. They don’t have time to oversee their delivery operation and we don’t want you to.
  • Whether it’s phone orders for quick delivery or customers ordering from your website, we have you covered.
  • Our system takes all of these orders, sends them to your drivers automatically, and lets you stay focused on running your business.

Dispatching & Routing

  • So how do we send these orders to your drivers? Your drivers simply receive an account for our Drivers App and manage their orders from there in a more organized fashion.
  • We have a various set of dispatch methods that can be tailored towards your business model.
  • Establish your vehicle capacity and type, review the optimized route generated by our platform and enjoy the time saved by not having to route plan anymore.

Driver App

  • Your drivers are all equipped with our driver app to help manage their daily orders and keep track of orders they completed.
  • A driver’s main focus is to deliver each order in a timely manner so we optimize all their orders to ensure prompt delivery times while making the app very user friendly and condensed with all the information and resources they will need to complete each order.
  • You can enable Proof of Delivery, which requires the driver to take a photo/signature at the time of delivery, which is then sent to the customer right after the order is completed.

Customer Experience

  • Customers should see your brand, not GetSwift. That’s why we handle your delivery operation entirely from the back end, allowing you to develop and grow the relationship with your customers.
  • No more “Where is my order?” phone calls, customers can receive live updates throughout the order, including a branded live tracking map that provides ETA updates via SMS, Email, or Webhooks.
  • Better visibility makes for a happier customer and fewer headaches that you don’t want to deal with when it comes to running a delivery business.


  • All of your data is captured in our reporting suite, giving you broken down data across the board, which will help make data-first decisions the standard.
  • What is my average delivery time? Which one of my drivers is the most efficient? How long does it take for my drivers to accept orders?
  • We have you covered with that information and many more detailed reports to help improve your delivery operation.

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