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Advanced Delivery Logistics Software from GetSwift

In the twenty-first century, every online store needs delivery logistics software to improve product transport speed. Logistics includes everything from the purchase of raw materials to the packaging, shipment, and transportation of products to distributors. Without a comprehensive delivery management software, businesses often encounter problems at the last mile delivery stage. This is frustrating for everyone involved: owners, customers, and drivers.

If you want to keep your customers happy and compete with the big players like Amazon Prime, you need an efficient logistics planning, managing, tracking and analyzing platform. Delivery logistics software is the ultimate management solution that can help you improve your processes. If you’re looking for the best delivery logistics software, you won’t find a better solution than GetSwift.

Curious about Delivery Logistics Software? Here Are the Benefits

Delivery logistics software offers a number of benefits to your company. If you still cannot decide whether to get software that will help solve all your transportation problems, here is a list of things you will notice immediately after you start using it:

  • Improved efficiency

  • Better route optimization

  • Reduced driver-dispatcher calls

  • Real-time alerts

  • Improved driver performance comparisons 

  • Enhanced ability to analyze historical and real-time data

  • Increased customer service and satisfaction

  • Automatic dispatching

  • ETA prediction with live updates

After you begin using our software, your customers will be able to track their order from when it left the warehouse, restaurant, or office, and they’ll be immediately notified when it arrives. Finally, your customers will have that piece of mind they are already used to when using other services. You simply fall behind the competition if you don’t update your business practices. Also, your courier will have the ability to clearly plan routes to ensure that each package is delivered on time!

If You Need Delivery Logistics Software, Choose GetSwift

The delivery logistics software from GetSwift makes it easier than ever to dispatch orders, manage them, and track the entire process. Using a simple, smart interface, you can see everything as it happens in real-time. When you implement delivery logistics software from GetSwift, you can choose the dispatching feature that’s best for your business model to get orders in the hands of your drivers and eventual customers as optimal as possible. You’ll save both time and money when planning your daily routes. Also, drivers and customers will get branded tracking and alerts.

To learn more about how our software system can benefit you, download the Fleet Tracking Case Study and Route Optimization Guide.



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