GetSwift 101 Webinar: Start managing your own delivery operation during the crisis, for free.

Start managing home deliveries during the crisis, for free.

The coronavirus outbreak has deeply impacted all of our lives. Every kind of business is being forced to rethink how to operate during this crisis.

GetSwift understands that customers start to feel like family, especially in times like these, and we’re here to help. All you need is a driver and a smartphone, and you are ready for deliveries!

Standing together with our GetSwift customers

Together, we are facing an unprecedented challenge. As we first learned about the virus, we evaluated the possible range of impacts and the emerging social, medical, and commercial requirements that might follow, including the impacts to clients across the varying global regions we serve. We developed and deployed a response plan. See it here >

We have worked hard to make our system available to both goods and services, so whether it is a pizza or a home service — GetSwift is here to support you. The idea of ‘contactless’ delivery has never been more important, and our systems are configurable to adapt to your customers’ needs.

Robert Bardunias – COO

Quick Start Guide

A step-by-step guide to getting up and running with GetSwift.

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GetSwift 101 Webinar

Here’s a quick webinar to onboarding and getting drivers started.

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Why GetSwift?

Keep your unique customer service

As you know, it’s your staff that’s best equipped to serve your product the right way. Rather than outsourcing, GetSwift allows you to keep your waitstaff employed but instead they’ll be on bikes, on foot, or in the car.

Serve customers the old-fashioned way

Our platform can help you serve customers who aren’t comfortable ordering with a phone app. With manual job entry, you can take a phone call from a customer, enter their address yourself, and the job gets uploaded to GetSwift’s platform.

Keep the profits and the data

Unlike third-party restaurant delivery apps, you keep the vast, vast majority of the profits. And you keep the customers you earn.

It’s simple to get started

Here’s all you need to get started:

  • A driver, biker, or walker
  • iPhone or android
  • A laptop
  • Some coffee

What is Delivery Management Software?

Integrate Orders from POS
View All Stores
View Driver Location
Automatic Dispatch to Drivers
Drivers Accept Jobs
Routes Optimized
Drivers View Tasks On Mobile
Track Job Status
Alerts To Customers
Get Instant Feedback
View Analytics

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