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9 Hot Tech Companies to Watch in 2015

From currencyfair — Hot Australian Tech Companies To Watch CVCheck – Never again will you hire someone whose CV is incorrect or perhaps has more fiction than fact. Employers, property managers, and even individuals can use CVCheck to verify information or add value to...

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Costs to develop an app like Uber

Uber has been highly successful and its business model has pushed several entrepreneurs to develop an app that is similar, so that it benefits their business. When you understand the type of apps that are similar to the ‘Uber for X’ type of apps, you would be curious...

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Reduce missed deliveries!

If you are a restaurant that delivers then you have a tight window to get food to the customer otherwise time decays freshness, profitability and customer satisfaction. The statistics say that 1 in 5 deliveries are missed due to the customer not being contactable when...

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