Schedule Driver Shifts

See your schedule in one unified interface, connect it to your GetSwift Driver App, and never have to wonder who’s free again.

As a Getswift customer, connect GetSwift Scheduling today. Pay Per employee. Stop anytime.

“It’s affordable, scalable, and really easy.”

-Ben Felner, Senior VP of PODS

How GetSwift Scheduling Works

  • 1. You set the schedule based on who is available.
  • 2. You adjust pay rates and driver roles.
  • 3. Drivers clock in and out.
  • 4. All of that data is kept for you to track budgets and run payroll.

Scheduling & Payroll is Easy

Say Goodbye, Overtime

Prevent staff from hitting OT by setting up alerts to know when an employee is within a certain number of hours of overtime.


GetSwift Scheduling is fully integrated with GetSwift Delivery, so there’s no need to build any outside connections to third parties. It’s all easier under one roof.

Hello, Payroll

GetSwift Scheduling handles everything from timeclock to budgeting to payroll, so you can account for every hour worked, stay under budget, and instantly export to major payroll providers.


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