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Tame the scheduling madness, automatically sync with payroll, and keep your budget in check.

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Scheduling & Payroll is Easy with S+

Say Goodbye, Overtime

End unnecessary overtime costs when you get alerts to know when an employee is within X hours of overtime that week, so you can avoid assigning them additional shifts.

Add Security & Accuracy

Combat time theft and buddy punching with features such as clock-in from a neutral location, photo verification, and early clock-in limits. Selectively grant permissions to managers to help you approve timesheets and run payroll.

Save More Time

Employees love the easy, mobile TimeClock. Managers love seeing their whole team schedule in one interface. Accounting saves time with downloadable payroll data in one place, easy timesheet print-outs, and instant integrations to payroll providers.

Easy & Advanced Payroll Software

Our easy-to-use payroll software automatically syncs with timeclock, helps prevent overspending, locks timesheets for security, exports to payroll providers, and much more.

Scheduling Plus is a phenomenal leap forward in helping me to better manage my business. The recent addition of a time clock was well thought through and my employees love it. Based on everything that we use Scheduling + for, it’s a real bargain. What’s more, I now have more time to take care of our customers.”

Perry Garrett – Ace Hardware


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