Cannabis Delivery Management Software

Delivery Made Easy,
For You And Your Customers. 

You manage it all without headaches. Your customers keep coming back. 


Deliver At Scale

Track all your drivers, routes, and jobs from one management dashboard. Benefit from the industry’s best dispatching and routing algorithms to stay fast and efficient. Empower handlers with complete visibility of their upcoming tasks so they stay on track. 


Delight Customers

Customers love getting live ETAs and tracking maps so they know their driver’s location, and smart alerts so they can plan their days. Plus, you have the option to choose how much visibility your customers have.



A big plus of GetSwift’s software is its adaptability, making it perfect for an industry in transformation. Customize the platform to your unique needs: adjust how you dispatch, route, send alerts, gather data, and much more. 


Complete Compliance

Utilize GetSwift’s delivery verification tools such as Proof of Delivery, Digital Signatures, and Route Histories to help you stay safe and compliant. Easily download the platform’s data or integrate with others apps for all your regulatory needs. 


Know Your Customers 

Don’t just wait for orders to come in. Download delivery data to see which products are most popular with which customers—and at what times—to start proactively suggesting orders. The possibilities of GetSwift’s data are endless.


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