When you manage a fleet of drivers – whether three or 30 — it’s no fun having to call and text when to see when they’re available. Even worse, if a driver calls out sick, you don’t even know who can replace them, and you have to scramble at the last minute.


Making scheduling easy is just the tip of the iceberg of what GetSwift Scheduling can do. It’s the Human Resources foundation to your driver fleet and company. It’s where all your employee data lives—from salaries to work history to emergency contacts; where you see their availability at a glance and hours worked; and finally, where you handle their payroll and manage your budget. 


The news is—for the first time, GetSwift Scheduling is now seamlessly integrated with your GetSwift driver app, becoming a unique feature in our growing ecosystem of products that make delivery tech easy for any organization to manage on its own. To begin, just sign up





In addition to our flagship drag-and-drop scheduling interface, GetSwift Scheduling includes a secure timeclock, budgeting, staff task tracking, and payroll.


Features to highlight include Overtime Alerts, where you get alerts whenever an employee is within a certain number of hours of overtime and pay rates are adjusted depending on your state’s rules. 


Note the payroll and budgeting features. You set a target budget and track it, week by week, against actual payroll. When you’re ready to run payroll, choose who has approval authority, download any reports you like, and export payroll data to any payroll provider. 







All of your HR basics for your drivers, bikers, and entire team are here in the GetSwift Scheduling app. You can:


  • Add Jobs, Positions, Salary.
  • Publish and Assign Shifts. 
  • Each Shift Has its Own Settings that You Choose.
  • Send out daily/weekly schedules to your employees via email or text messages.




If you’re using GetSwift, you know that you set up your operation by driver fleet or store. With GetSwift Scheduling, you set up each store or fleet with a schedule, a labor budget, and payroll. The budget is key — as you’ll be able to always know how close you are to hitting that week’s staff budget and work on reducing it in week’s ahead. 





After you designate the shifts you need, your drivers fill in when they’re available right from their app. Once schedules are set, the drivers will see their upcoming schedule in one view in their app.


A driver can choose to take a break when they want, and then clock back in on their GetSwift app, and that timekeeping is all automatically synced to a timeclock feature and payroll. 




When it comes to the setting for GetSwift Scheduling you have flexible options to choose scheduling settings that apply to each of your drivers, as a group or individually.  


  • To avoid overtime costs, you can determine the min and max working hours for your drivers. 
  • Set overtime alerts to know when an employee is within a certain number of hours of hitting OT, so you can maneuver and schedule someone else.
  • You can decide how early you want to allow your drivers to clock-in / go-online.  
  • You can create paid or unpaid breaks for your drivers. They choose, in their app, when they start and stop, and see a countdown clock.




How To Set Up GetSwift Scheduling 


TIME TO TRY IT         


We’re making setup easy, so we’ve created a step-by-step guide to starting with GetSwift scheduling. Let us know you’re interested, and we can turn on GetSwift Scheduling whenever you’re ready. Start Scheduling Shifts.

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