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When it comes to the world of eCommerce, time is everything. When customers make an order, they want it delivered as close to instantaneous as possible, and the company who can make that happen often is the winner in the crowded field of online retailers. Yet, ecommerce, or transactions conducted online, shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, every year, more people order people online. By 2021, the number of people in the United States who order at least one thing online is expected to reach 230.5 million, a figure that is about ⅔ of the United States population, or the majority of adults. This means that there is still ample opportunity for startups and small businesses to enter the field of eCommerce and come out on top. However, you will most definitely need help in order to do so.

GetSwift offers the best eCommerce delivery management software that can shrink delivery times, offer real-time tracking, and compile your data so you know exactly which parts of your business are working and which aren’t. Our mission is to help you eliminate inefficiencies and make on-time deliveries to your customers every time. Below, we’ll take a look at what exactly is eCommerce delivery management software and how GetSwift can help. Contact us today!

What is Ecommerce Delivery Management Software?

Ecommerce delivery management software is software that allows you to manage your orders through your online store. There are certain key items that you will need in your eCommerce delivery management software that will help streamline your deliveries and ensure your orders are on-time. Remember, in the world of the internet, time is a lot faster than your deliveries. The trick is to make time go by faster with lightning-quick delivery services. Here’s how:

  • Automate. The more you can automate your eCommerce business, the better off your customers will be. If you are still manually entering order and tracking information and you’re doing things that computers can do instantaneously, you will lose the game. When your customers make an order, it needs to go straight into the system for fulfillment. If you are still using spreadsheets, it’s time to kick those to the curb.
  • Real-time updates. Real-time updates are now almost the norm for eCommerce. After all, your customers ordered online, so in their mind, their products are closer than they truly are. Thus, by managing expectations, telling your customers where their package is and how long it will take for it to arrive, you will help to temper the expectations of instantaneousness. You will also eliminate a lot of wasted time by responding to customers’ emails of “where’s my package?” You’ll want to choose an eCommerce delivery management software that offers real-time updates, such as GetSwift.
  • Integrate. Running a startup or a small to medium-sized business often takes numerous programs that have different functions, from running payroll to tracking customers’ information and sales. You most definitely need an eCommerce delivery management system that is able to integrate with every other program and software you are running. This also ensures that in the future as more apps are released that you want to use to maximize other areas of your business that your eCommerce delivery management software won’t be out of date any time soon.
  • Numbers. While most people don’t exactly enjoy numbers, someone in your organization does, and that person will need the number from your eCommerce delivery management software in order to discover inefficiencies, see if there are any problems with drivers, see which delivery routes are the most profitable, see which products sold the most at a given time, and lay all of this information out for your number/accountant guru and for those who simply need a nice pie chart.
  • Optimize routes. It’s a given these days that most eCommerce delivery management software systems will optimize routes. However, some are much better than others, are more user-friendly, and some take into account current traffic conditions as well. There can be a lot of money lost in drivers getting lost, not to mention a delay in the delivering of packages, which is what matters most to your customers. Thus, if your eCommerce delivery management software does not optimize routes, you should run the other direction.

Why GetSwift Is Your Choice For Ecommerce Delivery Management Software

If you’ve looked into delivery management software or last mile delivery software for your eCommerce-based business, odds are, you found a lot out there. While on the surface these softwares look alike, you will find that there are miles that actually separates them from one another.

GetSwift is the best eCommerce delivery management software, hands down. We offer all of the aforementioned tools, as well as advanced dispatching, real-time driver-tracking, an easy-to-use driver app, a proof of delivery system, the ability to manage your fleets, and the ability to track driver’s cash payments, floats, bonuses, and more. As a Top Rated Local® delivery logistics software company, we take pride in being the best in the industry, yet we are never content to sit on our laurels. We are constantly innovating to make your delivery business more efficient, which in turn gives you more free time to grow your business.

GetSwift offers amazing customer service who can troubleshoot any problems you may be having and get you back on track in a timely fashion. When you succeed, we succeed.

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