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Using Delivery Management Software as a Tool to Grow Your Business

GetSwift offers the best delivery management software, offering you powerful tools so that you can maximize your last mile delivery services. We started GetSwift because we were in the delivery business and realized that there had to be a better way to do things. We set out to create a solution to solve our problems. Once we did, we realized we had to share this with other startups and small to medium-sized businesses. Hence, GetSwift was born.

We’ve been taking a hard look at the basics of delivery management software in this ongoing blog series. Today, we’ll examine how delivery management software can transform your startup or small to medium-sized business. Contact us today for your free trial!

How Delivery Management Software Can Transform Your Business

Maximize the Customer Experience

Consumers these days demand more and more because businesses are able to deliver more. One hundred years ago, there was no such expectation, especially if there was just one person in the town who could deliver a said service. For example, when you only had one doctor in town, when you were sick, you didn’t have a choice — you had to see that doctor, whether they were good or not. Today, you have dozens of doctors to choose from, and if you believe one to be incompetent, there’s another to try.

This applies to your delivery business as well, whether you are a courier business, or a cannabis business. If you don’t meet your customers’ expectations (and preferably exceed them), your customers will go elsewhere. Thus, you need a delivery management software solution, such as GetSwift’s, that can notify customers automatically by sending them text message with an estimated time of arrival and by giving them a live tracking map. You also can solicit customer feedback by way of reviews that can help grow your business and by way of suggestions that can help you improve your business. You can give your delivery driver the power to make order changes, if for example, you own a milk delivery, water delivery, or cannabis delivery system, as well as the ability to take payments and problem solve as well. 

In sum, you need a delivery management software system that not only can meet customers’ demands, but also can expect their future needs. An example of this is future delivery needs, such as subscription services, which is growing by leaps and bounds. Subscription services are recurring orders, such as weekly milk deliveries and water deliveries to your office. By allowing customers to subscribe, you are taking one more task off their plates every day, thus making their lives easier. And when you make their lives easier, they become raving fans, who recommend you to their friends and family, and the next thing you know, your business is exploding — all because of delivery management software.

The real power of delivery management software is in its ability to take one more thing off the plates of you, the small business owner. The process is cyclical; you make your customers’ lives easier with your products and/or services; they make your life easier by helping you to grow your business. The way to improve lives is to anticipate your customers’ needs before they know they need something. Delivery management software gives your customers’ access to not only the last mile part of your delivery system, but to the whole shebang.

GetSwift strives every day to make our delivery management software optimal for our clients. By constantly innovating our services, offering integrations with other applications, and streamlining our processes, we hope to pass this along to you, who then can pass it along to your customers. GetSwift can maximize routes, offer real-time driver tracking, and help you with fleet management services. You can track your cash and analyze your data to find inefficiencies and work to fix them.

There is so much that our powerful and robust delivery management software can do that you truly have to try it to experience it for yourself. We offer a free trial, so you can see how our system truly can transform your business.

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