If you’re in charge of a small business, you have an endless list of things to manage. From scheduling and order fill to customer service and payroll, you need all the help you can get to keep things running smoothly.  Even if you have a very small business with only a few employees, when it comes to managing deliveries and growing your business, there’s nothing more helpful than delivery management software. At GetSwift, we want to discuss some of the benefits of our software and why you should be using it — no matter how small your business. Keep reading to learn more. 

Do More With Less

You didn’t put in years of blood, sweat, and tears to just settle. You’re in it to win it and want to see your business grow. But how can you build your business when you are limited by the number of people on your payroll and the number of hours in a day? The answer is that you have to find a way to do more with the resources you have. In other words, you have to do things faster and deliver orders quicker, all while earning the business of new customers. 

Delivery management software from GetSwift can help you manage orders, schedule deliveries more efficiently, and communicate with your drivers through an easy-to-use app that works on just about any mobile phone. You can also set up automated dispatching to free up staff so they can focus on other core business functions. With our complete delivery solution, you’ll be able to make more deliveries in less time, allowing you to grow your business without having to invest in a larger fleet.   

Get more information on all of the ways our software can make your life easier and more productive by visiting our software features page. 

Boost Customer Satisfaction

The only way to keep your business going in the right direction is to ensure that your customers are completely satisfied. But in today’s world, making customers happy involves much more than just getting their order right or getting it to them on time. Today’s customers expect communication about their order from the moment they place it, until they receive the thank you and follow up note after it has been delivered. But how can you meet these high expectations without a small army of customer service representatives? That’s where your delivery management software can help.

With GetSwift, you’ll be able to utilize the power of technology to send automatic customer alerts, keeping them up to speed on real-time order status. It’s more than just sending an order confirmation email, it’s allowing your customers to be involved in every stage of delivery including tracking their order on a live map, receiving customized SMS alerts, and getting estimated delivery times that are continuously updated until the delivery is made.   

Tools to Grow

Perhaps the most important reason why every small business needs delivery management software is that it provides you the necessary tools to grow. Every small business knows that scaling up is often a double-edged sword. You could do more if you only had the funds to do so. And likewise, the only way you’ll be able to get the funds is if you can grow the business. 

When you invest in delivery management software, it’s like getting an extra team of people to help you just about every area of your business. It allows you to reduce the amount of manual work and increase automation which in turn boosts capacity. Plus, you’ll have access to valuable reports that help track daily metrics and KPIs. analyze performance right in your dashboard or export the data to any reporting platform you choose. Data is the key to performance improvement, and with GetSwift you’ll have it all.

Ready to Grow?   

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, try GetSwift’s delivery management software. With features that are customizable to fit the needs of your business, no other platform is better suited to help a growing small business.

Curious about cost? You might think that a complete software solution with all of these features might be cost-prohibitive, but that isn’t the case here. We’ve made it easy for companies with a limited budget to try our software by offering a free, no-risk, 30-day trial. Simply fill out a few questions and you can get started right away — no credit card required! If you decide to sign up, you’ll see that we offer two different pricing platforms, one that is tailored to smaller businesses, requiring just one flat, pay-per-delivery fee, and another that is suited for larger enterprises. 

Ready to get started? Visit our website or sign up for your free trial and start realizing the benefits of GetSwift’s delivery management software.

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