If you manage a restaurant, you’re probably well-aware of the constant struggle to maintain profit margin despite continuous increases in labor and supply chain costs. To make things worse, restaurant owners are participating in delivery platforms like UberEats and Deliveroo in an effort to increase revenue, but in doing so, they aren’t seeing an equal amount of profit. Running a restaurant is hard enough, but doing it while also maintaining a profit margin can be next to impossible — without the right tools. In today’s blog from GetSwift, we want to dig deeper into the challenges of being in the restaurant business and show you how delivery management software can help. Keep reading and then check out the GetSwift website for a full list of our software’s features and benefits. 

Price Hikes — The Last Resort

No one wants to think about it — you’ve tried everything to improve margin, but you just can’t get ahead. At this point, your choices are clear. Let your business die a slow death or make the decision to increase menu prices. While the former is hardly an option, increasing menu prices can alienate customers, especially loyal, returning customers you’ve fought so hard to keep.

According to a recent article published by Smart Company, “Restaurant-goers will foot the bill of increasing operational costs” and “57.9% of surveyed restaurants and cafes are looking to increase the price of their menu items over the next year.” The article goes on to interview various restaurant owners who agree that the only way to keep their business going is to pass along rising costs to the customer.

The Effect of Food Delivery Services

For many restaurants, joining a food delivery platform is a way to reach more customers and increase revenue, but the cost of adding this service for your customers can almost cancel out any benefits. Before deciding to enter into the realm of delivery, it’s important for restaurant owners to weigh the importance and reasons for doing so and whether or not their customers are demanding that level of convenience. 

Not Everyone Agrees

While many people surveyed felt they were working harder and making less, not everyone agrees that raising menu prices is the right answer. According to the Smart Company article, one chef suggests that “restaurants can avoid increasing prices by utilising software and being vigilant with their supply chains.”  We couldn’t agree more. 

The Right Tools Can Make All The Difference

As it gets more and more difficult to maintain margins and compete in an already challenging industry, restaurant owners need to be particularly attentive to their operational costs. The delivery management software from GetSwift can help with just that. Whether you work with a third-party food delivery platform or you keep your food delivery service internal, GetSwift can provide you with valuable tools that will make your job easier and help you increase margin. 

Any Business Big or Small

You don’t have to be part of a huge enterprise to benefit. Our delivery management software is incredibly versatile and will work for any size of business, with one location or 1,000. Our 30-day free trial and option for paying per delivery allow for even the smallest business owner to try this worthwhile tool. But what if you’re part of a large corporation with hundreds of locations? Rest assured, our software is robust enough to manage all of your data and seamlessly connect all of your systems.   

Integrates With Your Current Systems

Speaking of connecting to all of your systems…GetSwift was designed to make your life easier, not harder. And, there’s nothing more difficult than trying to manage new systems and train people to use new technology while you’re trying to run a business. With GetSwift’s delivery management software, you’ll be able to connect with many of the most common POS systems, finance systems, and online ordering apps. Never has it been easier to connect your entire business with one easy-to-use platform.   

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you’re involved in the food delivery business, the software from GetSwift can help you run your business more efficiently, improve margin, lower costs, and free up resources. Here are just a few of the features of our software and how they can help you:

  • Dispatching — Free up staff time by setting up automatic dispatching based on predetermined settings that you choose.  
  • Route Optimization — Save time and fuel costs by ensuring that your drivers are taking the best route. 
  • Real-Time Driver Tracking — Keep drivers accountable and get alerts when they are running late.
  • Driver App — Gone are the days of trying to track down drivers by phone. Our app makes communication easy with instant messaging to provide real-time instructions and feedback.
  • Automatic Customer Alerts — Keep your customers in the loops by allowing them to track their delivery on a map in real-time. 
  • Data & Business Intelligence — Track daily metrics with ease and use the data to make daily improvements that directly affect your bottom-line.

Choose GetSwift’s Delivery Management Software

Don’t keep trying to swim upstream, and don’t assume that your only option for combatting rising restaurant costs is to increase prices on the menu. There’s a better way to succeed in the battle of diminishing profit margin and it’s called delivery management software from GetSwift. Visit our website to sign up for our no-risk 30-day trial. You have nothing to lose! Try it for free and see what a difference one easy-to-use tool can make on your business.

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