The food industry is changing. Gone are the days when everyone desired a one-stop-shop where they could get their perishable food, dry goods, health and beauty supplies, and automotive parts all under one roof. While the convenience of a mega-mart still has its appeal for time-starved workers and busy families who aren’t able to drive from store to store, there is an ever-growing demand for ways to get food that is produced close to home, fresh, and supports local farmers and economy.

To meet this need, fresh food delivery services have been popping up all over the country. But exactly how do you manage the logistics of a fresh produce or dairy delivery business that requires precise and efficient routing to ensure such finicky products are delivered in the shortest time possible? There’s a new generation of delivery management tools that are helping businesses not only plan the best routes for their deliveries but include customer-service features that today’s savvy consumers have come to expect.

South Mountain Creamery: A Success Story

Almost 20 years ago, South Mountain Creamery, based in Middletown, Maryland, decided to implement home-delivery. With nothing but crude spreadsheets for route planning and delivery management, the business was limited on how many products they could offer and how many customers they could service. In 2008, they partnered with GetSwift to implement their delivery management software, and the rest is history.

Flash forward 18 years and South Mountain Creamery is now delivering products from other local farms in addition to their own. Customers can place orders for meat and eggs to be delivered along with their milk and butter. The success of one business has now spilled over and is helping several others grow and succeed. If this kind of story inspires you, you can read the full article here: South Mountain Creamery Rises to e-commerce challenge with GetSwift’s Delivery Biz Pro.

Delivery Management Solutions

When you’re transporting perishable goods such as dairy products, meat or fresh produce, you know that time is of the essence when it comes to routing and delivery. Investing in a good delivery management software is a must to ensure effective planning and communication. Automatic dispatching can assign drivers to new delivery points based on their current location. Routing software can optimize daily routes to save time and fuel. Software that includes business analytics can help you identify pain points and areas for improvement. Unless you just want to make a few extra dollars delivering to a handful of people that live in your neighborhood, you need the right tools to support and grow a real, thriving business.

Customer Service Solutions

Managing “your side” of the business is only half of the equation. Delivery management software is there to help with customer service needs as well. Today, customers expect to get instant notifications, to be able to place and change orders up until the last minute and to track the location of their deliveries. These features are in the best interest of both the customer and the business. For instance, a customer feels engaged and part of the process when they can track the exact whereabouts of their delivery. A business can use the information gained from the tracking software to troubleshoot problems and use it as a tool to improve overall delivery performance.

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