One of the hardest situations for a start up business is figuring out how to expand while keeping expenses down. Small businesses have a great deal on their table from managing the growth of employees to saving on operational expenses. At some point owners need to step back and look at what has to be done and whether they are able to solve difficult organizational situations or hire someone that knows what they are doing.

A start up courier company in Melbourne, Easy Deliveries, needed to figure out a better way to make deliveries based on logistics. With well over 200 delivery points, 30 plus drivers along with a few dispatchers there had to be a better way to get everything organized and delivered in a timely manner. Scheduling and planning each route manually proved not only exhausting, but way too time consuming with no clear solutions.

The start up company understood there were just not enough hours in the day to manually plan Weighing all resources and the money needed to get goods delivered in a timely fashion, manual planning was just not a good solution.

Easy Deliveries approached the team at Swift for help and they were more than pleased to work with the company. Swift said they would put together a very workable, efficient routing solution to get products moved, save the company money and cut back on fueling charges.

Easy Deliveries was facing the same problems that many businesses face, not having access to routing solutions. Unless you are a company like UPS or FedEx, you just don’t have the ability to do this on your own. You need to rely on people who know how to move products or valuable information passing between businesses to businesses.

Route Optimization Solutions:

Swift offered a clear and concise solution in Route Optimization and the results were astonishing! Easy Deliveries’ office team had spent well over 5 hrs manually setting up their drivers’ routes. Trying to calculate the number of cars and drivers, they realized their drivers would been on the road for 17 hrs a day! These hours were just not acceptable for their drivers or the company.

Swift came back with optimized routes within a matter of minutes and bringing the number of cars needed way down and saving travel time down to 8 hrs. which is an amazing 47.06% savings in distance, fuel and time!

Swift has offered the most amazing solution for developing efficient routes that do not involve any form of manual calculations. Easy Deliveries could have spent hours and days trying to move their cars to all points and still not have come up with something even close to what Swift developed. On top of that, it only took Swift a few minutes to make this happen.

Easy Deliveries is getting their goods to warehouses, stores and everywhere else on time and saving a great deal of money on fuel and manpower. With any start up company, lower costs can lead to bigger growth. As the business grows, so will their fleet, employees and their routes will increase as well. Easy Deliveries knows for new strategies and the best routes for expansion, they can rely on Swift for all their solutions.

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