With so much competition and fewer differentiating factors between software systems, it is surprising when users are left overwhelmed and confused when attempting to opt between one delivery management Software Company and another.

In recent years, there are more fleet, delivery and tracking software solutions becoming available to choose from however beware of the “smoke and mirrors” and become familiar with the important traits of the best delivery management software providers.

Check out these tips:

–We believe that an excellent delivery management software company should present a product portfolio that supports the business as it grows. As a business owner you will need to consider your software needs of the business in 5 to 10 years time. Right in the present time, you may require a basic tracking software or task dispatching system, however in the future there could be a need for an API integration or an automated routing solution. Can the delivery management software scale with you? Can the pricing scale with you as your task bookings increase?

–The most appropriate delivery management software needs to have clients in your similar industry and needs to be able to prove out case studies on how the software improve those similar businesses. It always helps if there are some big household names using the software!

–A Delivery Management Software Company should have financial stability. It is very important to ask to see evidence of the software supplier’s financial stability. How many orders are going through their system? What levels of funding have they received? This will give you a level of confidence that the supplier you choose has the ability to support your business for years to come.

–Where was the software made?

–How long has it been around for?

–How large is the engineering team to support your needs?

–Speak to current clients of the provider and ask them about the bugs and issues they have faced with the software?

–Can the company you choose support scheduled tasks?

–How automated can the company assign tasks to segments of your mobile workforce?

–How detailed is the reporting capability?

–What are the hidden costs?

–How many 3rd party services is the software compatible with?

–Another important factor that you need to consider in choosing the best delivery management software company is if they have local support. Local support can give you peace of mind that your questions will be answered fast.

–The best delivery management software should have sector specific local mapping understanding and relevant mapping technology to support that area. Google maps work well in the US and western countries and here.com mapping seems to work really well in the middle east.

We hope the above factors will serve as a guide for you to choose a reliable, professional and competent delivery management software company that you are looking for and reach out to us today with any questions you have to see if Swift is a good fit for your company.

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