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Hot Australian Tech Companies To Watch

CVCheck – Never again will you hire someone whose CV is incorrect or perhaps has more fiction than fact. Employers, property managers, and even individuals can use CVCheck to verify information or add value to their own CV. The company does over 700 checks in 190 countries. Don’t hire another employee without using CVCheck to make sure that they are who they say they are.

Mystro – Mystro is an advanced program is a complete project management site for healthcare professionals. Mystro takes care of appointments, assigning rooms, and more. It makes total office management simpler and more efficient. There are a lot of new features in the works, such as a mobile service area tool and daily updates to service providers that will make Mystro even more powerful. (Facebook – Twitter)

Car Next Door – This is an idea whose time has come: Renting a privately owned vehicle from your neighbor through an online database. For only $25 a day, you can rent someone’s car for whatever you need. This ingenious idea can give a small business or start-up owner the transportation that they need without having to buy a car and vehicle owners get a little bit of extra cash. (Facebook – Twitter)

Remindful – An Australia-based SMS reminder service, Remindful is simple, but effective application that sends an SMS message to clients and customers reminding them that they have an appointment with your business. With this program you will reduce the number of missed appointments and downtime and since it’s only $20 per month, this application can pay for itself after just one saved appointment. (Facebook)

RosterElf – With RosterElf, it is easy to roster staff, avoiding open shifts or double staffing. RosterElf works on a smartphone or a tablet and makes it very easy to share the roster with the entire staff.  It even allows you to use SMS or email notification for employees. No service business should be without this simple and powerful app. (Twitter – Facebook)

HealthEngine – This is a home-grown booking and health directory for patients and practitioners. The patient side provides an easy-to-use directory of providers around the country. Users can search for GPs, dentists, and specialists from all over the country. Providers are able to choose from a number of marketing packages that will help to promote their business on the website and off. (Twitter – Facebook)

Swift – An old idea is getting a new lease on life. They’ve built a sophisticated logistics management platform that gives users visibility over their fleet, automates the distribution of task assignments with a proprietary batching algorithm and communicates directly with the receiver to maximise worker uptime so they can fulfil more tasks. Started as an after-hours alcohol delivery service, it has now expanded to include many more stores and products. This is a great asset for any business that is seeking to expand its customer base without a large up-front investment. (Twitter – Facebook)

Tanda – An online automated time and attendance monitor, Tanda handles rosters, timesheets, and other functions that help to eliminate time theft. The interface is simple and intuitive. It even provides an automated award interpreter, making shift awards a simple process. Every business will be able to maintain more accurate payroll records through the use of these tools from Tanda. (Twitter – Facebook)

SafetyCulture – SafetyCulture has created two products that work together, iAuditor and Safety Culture. iAuditor allows for mobile safety inspection reports and SafetyCulture gathers data from entire teams all in one place. The purpose is to increase and streamline safety solutions in the workplace. The company is an innovator that is setting standards around the world for this type of product. (Twitter – Facebook)

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