Whenever you think of logistics, the concept is always to successfully bring the item from point A to point B. In its purest form, it is a very simple concept. Yet, when it comes to courier and other delivery services, there are a few more variables that can impact efficiency:

  • Delivery Directions for multiple batching
  • Waiting on the customer to come downstairs
  • Locating the address fast
  • Contacting the customer fast
  • Communicating accurate ETAs and real-time updates

If a delivery driver is on an hourly wage, then it is in the business owner’s immediate interest to maximise the hourly wage expense. To do this we need to ensure the driver does as many deliveries as possible. One extyra delivery more per hour can increase the company return on a driver wage by up to 35%.

In the spirit, here are 7 tips to make your delivery system more efficient:

  1. Send drivers on a “right-turn-only-route” to speed them up and save mileage.
  2. Use software to tell the customer when we are close to ensure a fast and successful drop off.
  3. Batch and send multiple parcels with one driver who is going in the same direction.
  4. Offer navigation software to tell drivers how to avoid congested traffic. Warn drivers if they approaching congestion via a delivery app or software.
  5. Use software to notify more drivers to come and help when the business is becoming busy on a Friday night.
  6. Track your drivers on a map to time the preparation of food better.
  7. If you know your average food/parcel preparation time, delay notifying the local delivery fleet by that time + X minutes for parking

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