July 01, 2015

Swift raises $675K Angel Round to Accelerate Product Development in APAC and Continue Expansion in the US.

Intelligent Delivery Management Software Transforms from Cost Center into eCommerce Competitive Advantage for Business Owners  

SYDNEY – July 01, 2015 – Swift, the leading logistics management software platform for delivery businesses, today  announced it has raised a $675K investment round from BlackSheep Capital and BlueChilli Venture Fund. Swift will use the funds  for further product development in APAC and to continue its rapid growth into the United States. The  Swift Intelligent Fleet Management Platform  empowers businesses who manage their own delivery fulfilment to transform the very costly manual processes into a powerful competitive  advantage, from lowering costs, and reducing missed deliveries to maximising delivery driver uptime and increasing the end user delivery experience.

Delivery Management – the final hurdle for Logistics

While powerful online ordering tools and frictionless payment solutions exist today, last mile delivery management remains  a major challenge for retailers to overcome and fully capitalise on their online presence.  Today a global push towards seamless and affordable ways to manage and track goods  delivery, yet today the majority of companies don’t even know where their fleet is in real time or are able to notify the receiver when a delivery is 15 minutes away. Missed delivery is costly for merchants and consistently painful for end users.

An industry built on two way radio, scanners and paper print outs is extremely inefficient and up until now has been expensive to manage drivers and reduce missed deliveries without investing thousands in better technology.

Swift has built a sophisticated logistics management platform that gives management control over their delivery fleet, automates task assignments with a proprietary batching algorithm and communicates directly with the receiver to reduce driver wait time so they can fulfill more deliveries. Business owners who have their own delivery fleet can now make smarter decisions with their delivery operation and provide a superior real-time delivery service to their end user without having to invest thousands in technology.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have the backing of the biggest early stage venture funds in the country as we believe it no longer makes economical sense for companies to build their own delivery management software or courier apps when they can use Swift for a small monthly fee” said Joel Macdonald, Swift co-founder and CEO. “So now, you have the next Uber for X project potentially being powered by Swift technology or imagine finally tracking your Australia Post parcel on a real-time map and never missing another delivery again.”

“We see our product to become an integral part of the on-demand stack and invite any retailer who delivers to come speak to us to see how we can make their life and their customer lives easier,” Macdonald said. 

Swift’s smart delivery platform allows retailers to increase customer retention, reduce missed delivery, manage poor performing delivery experiences, collect an abundance on data to create further efficiencies with their operation and in doing so reducing staffing and management costs.


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