On-Demand delivery is becoming one of the biggest consumer behavior trends in recent years and the expectation for seamless and transparent delivery services have now risen. Providing a critical platform service as part of the on-demand stack is where Swift fits in this growing trend. Apart from the fact that we are helping thousands of merchants grow their revenues by up to 35% and retention rates by 15%, the Swift delivery management system also leads to huge efficiency gains in operations, driver up time, delivery batching and routing.

Swift is a SaaS-based delivery management solution, that can be adopted by businesses to manage the delivery processes and driver fleet in real-time.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should choose Swift:

1. Real-time fleet tracking

Swift comes with integrated Google Maps API in both the Admin Panel and Driver-side App. With the help of that GPS system, you can now track the real-time location and movements of your drivers. The dashboard is also equipped with features to automatically record their travelling time, distance, pick up and drop off location and driver feedback.

2. Easily assign and manage orders

Swift is integrated with many 3rd party systems that you are probably already using.  There is also an easy API you are assigned as part of your sign up process which you can plug into your system to automate order flow. Our sophisticated batching algorithm ensures the most appropriate driver gets assigned the job.

3. Better relationship with you customers (analytics)

Swift accumulates and processes data which is received from the orders and drivers to give a bird’s eye view of daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual performance of your delivery operation. The analytics and report generation feature on the Admin Panel helps you to monitor the entire fleet as well as a driver performance. You can also gather information on your customers and customise your product and/or service offering for them to improve loyalty and retention rates

4. Manage your deliveries from wherever you are

The beauty of Swift is, that you can now manage your deliveries from wherever you are. Swift is a web-based Admin Panel so you can easily access the software on multiple devices like PC, laptop, ipad, tablet and smartphones.

5. Reduce staffing overheads

Watch the customer enquiries drop once you introduce real-time tracking and notifications into your delivery operations. Some merchants are reporting up to 75% in reduction of customers calling in and asking where their delivery is. What does this mean for your staffing overhead? For cents for delivery you could replace a team member and better spend that money on growing your delivery business

At Swift, our vision is to help the world deliver better. Please reach out and tell us about your delivery challenges. You can also try our Free 30-Day Trial.

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